Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!

Four  members in bunad attire (convention)


Freya,the Goddess of
Fertility, Love & Beauty,
by Emily Doepler

Freya Lodge #50

Founded: November 14, 2009, Spokane, WA

Meeting Details

When: Fourth Saturday of each month at 10:00 am (Lodge outings in July & August in place of formal meeting)
Where: Central Lutheran Church, 512 South Bernard Street, Spokane WA or as announced.

Contact Us:  Click on this link to contact us.  Be sure to list Freya lodge if you want more information from us! Please allow seven days for a return message.  Tusen Takk!


Lodge Website

Freya Lodge Facebook Page

freyalogo.pngLodge Highlights

Freya Lodge offers women of the greater Spokane, Washington area an opportunity to share their Nordic heritage.

In addition to monthly meetings, we offer special interest groups and outings including:

  • Nordic Cooking Demonstrations
  • Nordic Book Club
  • Norwegian Language Classes
  • Writing Class & Sharing Family Histories
  • Freya-August-2016-3.gif


    Hardanger Embroidery
  • Bunad Sewing Classes
  • Rosemaling Classes
  • Participation in Community Events
  • Special Luncheons

Lodge's Name


Freya Lodge #50 Institution Ceremony

The lodge is named Freya (Freyja, Friia), the Norsk warrior goddess of fertility, love and beauty. She was considered the leader of the Valkyries. The Eddas stated she was a blue-eyed, blonde beauty who was the fairest of all goddesses. She is known to be the patron goddess of crops and birth, the symbol of sensuality and all matters of love. Freya loved flowers, music, and spring. She was fond of the elves and fairies. Freya lives in Folkvang where love songs are always played. Her palace is said to hold slain warriors. She was also associated with such things as death and battle in addition to magic, prophecy and wealth. Her name is also mentioned in Heimskringla, where it is said she was a mythological Princess of Sweden who was the daughter of Njord (Njörðr), the sister of Freyr, and the twin of Yngve. Freya is said to have married another god Od (thought to be another form of Odin). It is said when she mourned his lost, she shed tears that turned into gold.


Randi Rodberg, President: Email   Phone: 973-713-2236                            

Janie O'Brien, Vice President:  Email Phone:  509-926-8090

Daughters Of Norway Standard Application Form

If you would like to join the Daughters Of Norway Freya Lodge #50, you can print out the convenient, printable application form below and bring it with you to the next meeting!

To be eligible for standard membership in a subordinate lodge of the Daughters of Norway, a woman must:

  1. be of Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or Swedish birth or descent; or
  2. be married, or have been married to a man of Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or Swedish birth or descent; or
  3. have a "slektning" (relative) married to a person of Norwegian birth or descent.
  4. She must be at least thirteen years of age.

Download Standard Membership application form here.