Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!



Artistic Drawing of
Fictional Character Thelma

Thelma Lodge #26

Founded: May 7, 1908, Everett, WA

Meeting Details

When: Third Saturday of month at 10:00 am (Lodge does not meet June, July & August)
Where:   Meetings held at the Normana Lodge located at, 2725 Oakes Ave, Everett, Wa 98201   

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Lodge Highlights

thelmalogo.pngThelma lodge has enjoyed Nordic heritage and friendship amongst its members for over one hundred years. The lodge originally was associated with the Daughters of Norway of the Midwest and later joined with the Daughters of Norway of the Pacific, retaining its lodge number.

Lodge programs and activities focus on members' shared Norwegian and Scandinavian backgrounds. The program presentations are varied, interesting and enjoyable.


Lodge Members

Nordic programs include:

  • Bunads
  • The Sámi
  • Viking Life
  • Celebrations
  • Stave Churches
  • Norwegian Tiner
  • Nordic Folkdancing
  • Lace Making & Tatting
  • Nordic Postage Stamps
  • Norwegian Fjord Horses
  • Discovering Nordic Foods
  • History of Norwegian Sweaters
  • Traditional Norwegian Christmas
  • Traditional & Contemporary Music

Thelma_July_2017_Carolyn_Otterness.gif 2 Thelma_July_2017_Marilyn_Hecht.gif  3Thelma_July_2017_Naomi_Johnson.gif  4Thelma_July_2017_Clarice_Miller.gif

1) President: C. Otterness  2) Vice President: M. Hecht  3) Treasurer: N. Johnson  4) Recording Secretary: C. Miner

Lodge's Name

The lodge takes it’s name from the protagonist in a romantic novel written by the English writer Marie Corelli, who was a best-selling author in Victorian England and eventually in America. Her romantic tale of a Viking princess, Thelma, captures the heart with the tale of true love and devotion by the fair Norwegian maiden Thelma. The book was a best seller in America in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Hollywood produced four separate films based on this book between 1916 and 1921. In addition, a song about the Norwegian maiden Thelma was popularized and captured the hearts of many.