Daughters of Norway
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The Lodges

The Grand Lodge


Daughters of Norway Grand Lodge Board, 2023-2025

The Grand Lodge is the umbrella organization of all Daughters of Norway members. The Grand Lodge Executive Board conducts the business of Daughters of Norway, including instituting and disbanding subordinate lodges, promoting cultural opportunities, holding biennial conventions, publishing a bimonthly newspaper and a website for the membership, overseeing a scholarship program and an endowment fund, collecting dues and budgeting for expenses, and conducting other business that is deemed in the interests of the organization, Norwegian-American women and the Scandinavian population in general.

The Grand Lodge Executive Board consists of president, vice-president, judge, secretary, financial secretary, treasurer and two trustees. Board members are elected by the subordinate lodge delegates at each biennial convention. Each subordinate lodge is allowed one delegate, plus an additional delegate for each 25 members or the majority portion thereof.

The editor of the Døtre av Norge News Magazine, webmaster and chairs of various standing and ad hoc committees are appointed by the president. Committee chairs, the editor and the webmaster report to the Board and are always welcome to attend meetings, as are all D of N members. The president also appoints a marshal and assistant marshal, inner and outer greeters, musician, two parliamentarians, and various committees who serve only during convention. The Grand Lodge secretary appoints an assistant secretary.

Grand Lodge Brochure (PDF)

Subordinate Lodges

 There are presently 31 subordinate lodges in the Central and Western United States. Since our founding in 1908, 55 lodges have been formed and 24 have disbanded, because of changing demographics and interests. Over the last few years, we have gained approximately two lodges per year. If you are interested in joining or forming a lodge in your area contact us.

List of Lodges