Daughters of Norway
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Traditional Dress Fashion Show (Bunads & More)

We were treated to a Traditional Dress Fashion Show after the 2021 Convention Opening Ceremony and Luncheon - on the first day of the Business Meeting (Friday, July 23rd). Sisters showed us their traditional Norwegian garments including Bunader (official regional national costumes), Folkdrakter (unofficial national costumes), and Viking era costumes.  

The gorgeous dresses with fine hand-work and details are breathtaking.

20210723_134918.jpg 20210723_134940.jpg 20210723_134959.jpg

20210723_135017.jpg 20210723_135043.jpg 20210723_135209.jpg

20210723_135237.jpg 20210723_135619.jpg

20210723_135310.jpg 20210723_135426.jpg 20210723_140952.jpg20210723_140334.jpg 20210723_135736.jpg 20210723_135456.jpg

20210723_135650.jpg 20210723_140046.jpg 20210723_135535.jpg

20210723_135917.jpg 20210723_140119.jpg 20210723_135614.jpg

 20210723_141148.jpg 20210723_140916.jpg 20210723_140242.jpg 20210723_135820.jpg 20210723_140655.jpg 20210723_141012.jpg

20210723_140421.jpg 20210723_140715.jpg 20210723_140203.jpg

20210723_140518.jpg 20210723_140734.jpg 20210723_141207.jpg