Daughters of Norway
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2018 Bunader Fashion Show

Preceding the Bunader Fashion Show, lunch was served and enhanced with the lovely sound of Amey Herman's Hardanger Fiddle.  More photos under the Hardanger Luncheon tab.

2018-Bunader-1.gif  2018-Bunader-2.gif  2018-Bunader-7.gif  2018-Bunader-5.gif  2018-Bunader-6.gif  2018-Bunader-3.gif


The luncheon concluded with a bunader parade.  Esther Van Noy, Embla Lodge #2 MC'ed the event.  We hope you enjoy photos of our sisters modeling their bunads!

2018-Bunader-4.gif  2018-Bunader-16.gif  2018-Bunader-18.gif

2018-Bunader-11.gif  2018-Bunader-17.gif    

2018-Bunader-9.gif  2018-Bunader-12.gif  2018-Bunader-13.gif  2018-Bunader-15.gif  2018-Bunader-21.gif  2018-Buander-24.gif


 2018-Bunader-22.gif  2018-Bunader-20.gif  2018-Bunader-23.gif