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What is TUBFRIM?

tubfrimpostage.pngTUBFRIM is based in Nesbyen, Hallingdal, Norway. The organization was founded by Nesbyen's postmaster in 1928. His goal was to collect stamps and sell them to collectors with the proceeds being used to wipe out tuberculosis amongst Norwegian children. Today, TUBFRIM is owned by the Norwegian Health Association. Their profits still help with the eradication of tuberculosis. However, today they also help Norwegian handicapped children and youth.

More detailed information on TUBFRIM can be found on their website.

Daughters of Norway Lodges support TUBFRIM

  • Each subordinate lodge collects stamps and used phone cards that are in good condition
  • Cut stamps off the envelope so that there is a slight margin from the stamp edge (ca. 1/2"). 
  • If the stamp is found on an envelope or postcover over 50 years of age, DO NOT cut it off. Instead the entire envelope with the stamp is sent in. 
  • Damaged stamps or telephone cards are not accepted as they are worthless.

Stamps can come from any part of the world. Daughters of Norway lodge members turn in their stamps and cards to one lodge member who then forwards them to Grand Lodge's Tubfrim chair. She forwards them in bundles to TUBFRIM in Norway. If you'd like to help, contact a local lodge and drop off your stamps or send them to: 

Daughters of Norway TUBFRIM Chair
750 Clayton Street
San Francisco CA 94117